Just Write

Have you promised yourself this is the year you finally write your novel?

And are you sitting there wondering how exactly you go about writing the novel you’ve promised yourself you’re finally going to write?

Have you bought books about how to write your novel?

Are you googling in hopes of finding the right resources to get you started writing your novel?

Are you reading blog posts from others writers to learn how to write your novel?

Are you putting off writing your novel because you’re doing “research”?

I’ve done all of those things. I have a lot of writing books. And I read a lot of blogs about writing. I’ve gone to conferences and seminars and workshops and classes.

There’s only one thing you need in order to finally write your novel this year.

You need to write.

So go.

Go and write. Don’t worry about anything else. At least not for now.

For now, just write.