My Sketchbook Project 2012: tree•house

On Tuesday, I sent my Sketchbook Project 2012 off to the Brooklyn Art Library. I have such an affinity for the Art House Co-op and the Sketchbook Project. The grassrootsiness of their mission resonates with me.

The theme I chose for this project was “treehouse”, and I’m really happy with the idea/story that emerged from the theme. For the most part I’m pleased with the pictures I created. Unfortunately, just as the deadline loomed, I cut the ring finger on my drawing hand open on a broken drinking glass. Had to figure out how to hold the pencil and not pull at the stitches. Ouch. Wasn’t easy, and the style of the sketches changed as a result. They took on a more jagged style, that almost implied movement. It was interesting. They remind me of my father’s sketching style.

Anyway, all this to say, my sketchbook is now on its way to Brooklyn, and I’m pleased it will be included among the other sketchbooks for this year’s project. I only wish I could visit the Library and see all those sketchbooks in person.

I’ll be participating in the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project in a few months. My theme is The Science of Story. Can’t wait to get these stitches out of my finger and get sketching.