Regaining A Sense of Creative Self

In some countries, constant noise is used as a form of torture.

Sometimes I wonder if my family hasn’t studied up on this technique, and isn’t using me as their guinea pig.

OK, maybe that’s over the top. Still, the last two weeks have run me ragged. Between two back-to-back spring break weeks, house guests from out-of-town, doctor appointments, a new puppy (!!), homework assignments, book club meetings, query letters, cleaning, responding to email, etc… I am a woman in need of a nap. Or a recharge.

The worst part: I feel like I’ve lost touch with my creative self.

Don’t get me wrong, most of what’s transpired in the last two weeks has been awesome with a capital A, but I’ve developed a kind of hyperactivity. My brain won’t stop bouncing from one thing to the next. And it’s difficult to do any kind of creative work (or any work for that matter) when you’re constantly interrupted by the needs and demands of others.

A quiet mind cureth all.
(Robert Burton)

I know what work I’ve produced in the last two weeks hasn’t been my best, because I’m not at my creative best.

So, now my schedule is back to normal (whatever that means), and I’m anxious to reconnect with my creative self. To find that space again where the ideas flow and the work feels less like work and more like fun. More like the life I want to be living.

Over the next few days (or weeks, if that’s how long it takes), I’m going to be figuring out which methods work for regaining my sense of creativity, and which don’t; and I’ll be writing about it all here.

Maybe what helps me will help you, too.

Stay in touch.