Carving Out Quiet Time

Day one of getting my creative flow going, I carved out some quiet time.

It’s still technically spring here in the desert (only got to the low 90s today), so I grabbed a blanket and a couple of books and headed out to a shady spot under a tree. The younger kiddo was inside, happily dueling lightsabers on the Wii, and the older kiddo was due home from school in a few. I didn’t have much time, but it was enough time.

This wasn’t research reading. Or catch-up-on-news reading. Or even studying-my-favorite authors reading. It was reading for fun on a blanket dappled with sunshine with my dogs running around the yard on a beautiful afternoon.

Those fifteen-or-so minutes felt like forty.

Now the kids are back to needing me every other sentence and hubby’s home and the house is bustling again.

But those moments this afternoon? They were simple and perfect. Rejuvenating. The perfect start to regaining my sense of creative self.