Just watch me

I didn’t want to be one of those people who start a blog and then never do anything more than the first post.

Since this is my second post, I’m technically not one of those people. *shew*

Still, this tardy blog post serves as an illustration of a struggle I’ve been having the last couple of weeks: trying to get it all done.

Every minute of every day, I have to decide what to focus on, what to give my attention to. And giving my attention to one thing means choosing not to focus on at least ten other things.

It’s frustrating.

Writing the next scene in my novel means not playing with my kids. Playing with my kids means not writing the next scene in my novel. Doing either of those things means not doing the laundry. Or calling that friend back. Or responding to that email. Or reading that book. Or finishing that painting. Or doing the dishes. Or finishing that freelance work. Or…or…or…

And then things slip through the cracks and I end up backtracking, apologizing, forgoing sleep, etc.

There’s an Irish saying that comes to mind: “When God made time, he made enough of it.”

And then there’s my mom’s saying: “You’re not super woman, honey.”

Wait. You’re saying I can’t do it all? Is it worth trying? Is it possible to have a clean house, a stable and happy family, close friendships, a fulfilling creative life, a maintained inbox, finished novel, an active blog, a well-built author platform?

Call my stubborn, but my first response is always: “Just watch me.”

Even if at the end of the day, I’m passed out on the floor, exhausted.

How about you? Are you a creative person? How do you balance your creative life and the rest of your life? What do you sacrifice?